Baby chooses shoes, pay more attention to choose sandals for children.

In order to buy the right pair of sandals for the baby, Xiaowei put more than a dozen pairs of baby sandals in the shopping cart, but hesitated and did not place an order. Seeing that the temperature has soared to 30 °C, the baby is still wearing spring canvas shoes. Even the husband who has always been insensitive can’t help but say: “When the baby takes off his shoes, I can smell a sour smell! Isn’t it just to buy a pair of shoes for the child? Is it so difficult?” Is it so difficult to have a pair of comfortable sandals?

Well, it’s really not easy! The baby’s little ankle is in a period of rapid development. If the shoes are not selected, in addition to wearing uncomfortable, grinding feet, the most important thing is the baby’s walking posture, leg type, lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae. The skeletal development of the site has an adverse effect. Some common foot deformities, such as O-legs, internal and external characters, foot varus, foot valgus, etc., are actually not caused by innate causes, but because of the long-term wearing of inappropriate shoes.

It seems that I want to have a pair of straight long legs after the baby grows up. It is very important to choose a pair of shoes that fit together! “The shoes don’t fit, only you know.” The baby can’t express his feelings, choose a pair of comfortable for the baby. Shoes, we must rely on us. In summer, so many shoes are not suitable for the baby to wear, then what kind of sandals are best for the baby? To choose the sandals for the baby to meet the following points:

1, can not be too soft: the curved part of the sole is about one third of the front;

2, the front toe, the rear heel: the heel of the shoe and the front of the toe must have sufficient hardness to protect the child’s soft joints.

3, not easy to deform: the shoes are not easy to deform

4, no smell: smell the shoes have no smell, if there is, do not choose!

5, the sole can not be too thick, appropriate anti-slip: the height of the sole is about 2 mm, do the appropriate anti-slip treatment: the sole is too slippery, the baby is easy to slip; the sole is too embarrassing, the baby is easy to fall when running and jumping. If your baby’s sole is too smooth, use sandpaper or tape to make the sole rough.

6, the upper can not be too high: the sole to the highest point of the upper no more than 5 cm. Heidi Parenting Encyclopedia also wrote that although high shoes are stronger than low shoes, most experts believe that high shoes interfere with the activities of the ankles.

7, elastic adjustable: the best choice of buckle style, no shoelaces, easy to put on and off, but also according to the baby’s instep height, adjust the elastic.

In summary, we choose sandals for our baby, it is best to choose the following picture:

kids sandals

This shoe is a new style of toddler shoes this year. The shoes are decorated with small hippocampus and other styles. The style is mainly playful, and the cute image of the hippocampus caters to the child’s aesthetic. At the same time, it also has a slim sole that gives the child a “barefoot” experience.

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